Our Team

The management team

We believe that an effective organization requires sound management. The company’s founders, Michel and Yan Le Houillier, surround themselves with passionate, competent leaders. That’s why each of our divisions is overseen by the right director, who’s an expert in their field. Our spirit of collaboration ensures efficient and appropriate communication between departments.

The head office

The professionals who look after our organization’s administrative and day-to-day operations are talented individuals. They know their role and its importance within Groupe Magma. As a result, they are always careful to be both thorough and efficient. As with our management team, the office team effortlessly creates a friendly, harmonious work environment.

Directors team
Guy Henry, vice-president, operations – Concrete refection, Nicolas Lavoie, vice-president – Formwork, Patrice Normand, estimator director – Development, Patrick Ianniciello, project director – Development,, Yan Le Houillier, President – Development, Patrick St-Georges, finances and administration director, Nicolas Rochefort, estimation director – Formwork, Michel Le Houillier, President – Formwork and Concrete refection

The on-site team

It goes without saying that our hands-on people are invaluable to what we do. Foremen, carpenters, crane operators, labourers, cement workers and the rest were chosen for their qualifications, professionalism and positivity. They strive to achieve solid results while respecting the strictest health and safety standards.


The Founders | Michel Le Houillier, President – Concrete Structures and Concrete Repair
Yan Le Houillier, President – Concrete Structures and Concrete Repair

The spark that started Groupe Magma

We’ve built our expertise like a construction project. Formwork, our first division created in 1999, laid the foundations that allowed us to quickly rise to become a major industry player.

From these strong beginnings, we strove to offer consumers our know-how directly. In 2005, we founded a Real Estate Development division that completely redefined the concept of value for money in terms of residential construction. In 2014, we consolidated our market position by adding a Concrete Repair division.

Together towards new horizons

Diligence, integrity and a commitment to respecting budgets have always guided our work and have made us the highly esteemed company we are today. The 600-plus projects we’ve completed across Quebec since our foundation attest to the confidence our clients have in the quality of our services.

Our founders

MICHEL LE HOUILLIER, President – Concrete Structures and Concrete Repair
Seasoned entrepreneur Michel Le Houillier puts his energy and passion to work for the Formwork division. His expertise and experience have earned him a truly enviable reputation. Frank and courteous by nature, he favours a personal approach based on transparency and integrity.

YAN LE HOUILLIER, President – Concrete Structures and Concrete Repair
Yan Le Houillier joined the family business in 1999, a perfect fit for such an innately curious and visionary man. With charisma, determination and an innovative spirit, he heads up Groupe Magma, as well as the Real Estate Development and General Contractor divisions. He has an incomparable knack for sniffing out solid business opportunities, aided by a dynamic and strategic approach, which is demonstrated by Groupe Magma’s success.

Our Vision

Integrity is key to our credibility

We always abide by the strictest safety standards in order to guarantee that our buildings comply with regulations. We believe that our word is our bond—we respect our commitments and we exercise our profession according to industry best practices.

Our relationships are built on loyalty

We enjoy frank and honest relationships with our clients, suppliers, employees, subcontractors and even our competitors.
This mutual respect translates into solid,
lasting bonds.

Commitment and tenacity
go hand in hand

Constantly driven by a desire to deliver quality work, we honour our promises and are determined to stand out, both by our ongoing development and our teamwork.

Our Mission

Attain unprecedented levels of construction expertise

Savings, efficiency and respect for requirements and standards are our watchwords. Our elite team listens to your needs and puts its know-how at your disposal to bring your projects to fruition. Our collaborative approach focuses on personalized, effective dealings in order to offer you nothing less than excellence.

Our distinctions

Groupe Magma shines bright

Working with us means choosing excellence. Our projects have been awarded countless times for construction quality and community impact.

2014 | Real estate contractor-developer - winner of the price Défi Marcus Vitruve, real estate contractor-developer category

2014 | Real estate contractor-developer  – Winner of the price Défi Marcus Vitruve, Real estate contractor-developer category

2017 | ACQ warranty plans
Residential category from 5 to 10 floors, West of Québec

2011 | Condominiums Lambert-Closse

Winner Gala Habitation – Project of the year PGAI

2012 | La Cité des Pionniers

Finalist Gala Habitation – PGAI 5 to 10 story building


Integrity certification from AMF for public works

2013 | Carré de la Montagne

Winner Gala Habitation – PGAI 5 to 10 story building

2014 | La Cité des Pionniers

Finalist Gala Habitation – PGAI 5 to 10 story building

2014 | Real estate contractor-developer

Winner of the price Défi Marcus Vitruve 2014, Real estate category

2015 | Real estate contractor-developer

Finalist for the price Défi Marcus Vitruve 2015, Real estate contractor-developer category

2015 | Prix Desjardins Entrepreneurs

Regional winner west of Québec and Ontario, real estate category

2017 | ACQ warranty plans

Residential category from 5 to 10 floors, West of Québec