Our Team

The management team

We believe that an effective organization requires sound management. The company’s founders, Michel and Yan Le Houillier, surround themselves with passionate, competent leaders. That’s why each of our divisions is overseen by the right director, who’s an expert in their field. Our spirit of collaboration ensures efficient and appropriate communication between departments.

The head office

The professionals who look after our organization’s administrative and day-to-day operations are talented individuals. They know their role and its importance within Groupe Magma. As a result, they are always careful to be both thorough and efficient. As with our management team, the office team effortlessly creates a friendly, harmonious work environment.

Directors team
Guy Henry, vice-president, operations – Concrete refection, Nicolas Lavoie, vice-president – Formwork, Patrice Normand, estimator director – Development, Patrick Ianniciello, project director – Development,, Yan Le Houillier, President – Development, Patrick St-Georges, finances and administration director, Nicolas Rochefort, estimation director – Formwork, Michel Le Houillier, President – Formwork and Concrete refection

The on-site team

It goes without saying that our hands-on people are invaluable to what we do. Foremen, carpenters, crane operators, labourers, cement workers and the rest were chosen for their qualifications, professionalism and positivity. They strive to achieve solid results while respecting the strictest health and safety standards.